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I am just an average Indian… working as a Software Engineer.. Yeah, what else can be a man born in middle class Indian family be!!! He has to be either an Engineer or a Doctor..huh!! I completed my school never knowing what I have to do with my life.. In India, the Parents are supposed to know that! After school, I joined college (Of course of my parent’s choice), and then began my real struggle with academics, no no I was never trying to be a topper.. I was just trying not to give one paper more than one time. But, I failed most of the time :(. That is because I always lived in my own world. I could never fathom what I am going to do with my life. Am I just supposed to take birth, study, study and study, then get a job and work, work and work, get married, have children and then die one fine day(or night)!!! Is this it…? Would this be my life!!! Then I met the love of my life… Love.. Yes love is crazy and it does makes you crazy… Life starts to look all roses (at the beginning) and you sense a purpose in your life. Exams became a cake walk for me… I still do not know how could I complete my engineering in just four years after failing in five of the seven subjects in first year, never clearing any of my semesters in just one go.. And when I had to clear my 6th, 7th and final semester papers at just one go… I told you, love can do crazy things to you. But yes, the college days have been the best days of my life. The life, the friends (I can not mention the names here as there are so many of them)… College life is what put the foundation of what I was going to be in future.

Then after college, I joined one Mainframe course, and because, I had done COBOL in my Mainframe course I was hired by a company to work in Micro Focus COBOL and Oracle in Unix environment. I must admit that I never even knew that a thing like UNIX does exist on this planet…How computers can run on anything else other than “Windows”!!! But I loved UNIX…After that, I came to know that I can get UNIX in a full GUI mode (Linux) and that too “free”. Can anything get better than that? So one fine day I downloaded a copy of openSUSE 11.0 and since then I have never looked on any other OS. This started a new passion in my life.. Programming… And then one night, I was having a group chat with my college friends – Pravin, Vijay and Ketan on Skype. At that time, Pravin was in UK, Vijay was in USA, Ketan was in (Hubli) Karnataka and I was in Pune (Maharashtra). So you can see what has technology achieved. Five different guys, sitting in five different parts of the world were chatting like they are sitting in a hostel room, just like the old days. Anyways, Ketan by then had got his website up on the www and was updating it regularly. I became just curious… so I tried to look if “www.vivekbhat.com” is taken away by someone or not… Oh yes, it was :(, But then “www.vivekbhat.in” was up for grabs and that too for just $5 (Rs.300/-). Oh I can certainly afford that. Yes, I bought that and then began a process if learning web programming languages (PHP, HTML, CSS and MySQL) which is still in progress.

You may ask why I am interested in a “website” of my “own”, Am I so important to own a “website”… Oh certainly not… But having a website lets me work on two of my passions – Programming and writing…Through this website I am going to let out my personal feelings about some burning issues… and will try to help others with whatever little technical knowledge I have.

So let’s have fun and let me know your feedback through your comments which are going to help me improve my site, and, in turn me 🙂

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ruby Ashkenazi

    Hi Vivek!

    Hello from San Francisco. I’ve gone over your article on How to install Oracle on openSuSE.

    I’m a software developer in SF however would like to work as a DBA (Oracle) and trying to find a way to teach myself the requirements. Do you think, installing virtualBox in openSUSE might be an alternative to practice some of the requirements for DBA? Although I wish I could have you as my tutor!! Is it a possiblitlity?

    I enjoyed reading your page.. Again, thanks! Ruby 🙂

    1. Vivek Bhat Post author

      Hi Ruby..

      Glad you liked my blog 🙂
      Do you mean installing Oracle on openSuSE in Virtualbx? Yes you can do that! You are going to learn a lot by trying and failing then not trying at all. When you start from scratch, you will learn many things in the process..

      Again, do you mean I as a tutor? I am glad that someone can think about me like this! But I am just a person who is just starting 🙂 I am just in the process of learning software… like you.. and when I get stuck at somewhere and find way, it makes me feel that I should share that with persons all over the world…

      I am so glad this website was of any help to you.. hope you keep coming back 🙂


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