Raja Shivchatrapati – Volume 1

The below excerpts are from Raja Shivchatrapati – Volume 1, English edition, Publication Date April 2022 by Babasaheb Purandare

“Skin him alive and hang him on Devgiri’s gate!”
Immediately the work began. Harpal was skinned. That red bloodied body writhed in agony, and Sultan was delirious with joy. Yadav’s son-in-law was hung on Devgiri gates like a skinned goat.”[1]C1-Sec5, Pg29, Para3 #blood

“He (Mahammadshah) massacred seventy thousand people in the area of Adoni. His thrill was to kill people. Later he slaughtered a large number of people at the border of Karnataka. This was such a big genocide that the whole area become desolate and inanimate” [2]C1-Sec5, Pg32, Para4 #blood

“This meant that there were five Sultans instead of one. In Elichpur Fateulla Imadshah, in Ahmadnagar Nizamshah, in Bidar Kasim Beridshah, in Vijapur Yusuf Adilshah and in Golconda Kutubshah established their independent kingdoms. Out of these five, Yusul Adil had come from Turkey. Kasim Berid had come from Georgia and Kuli Kutubshah had come from Iran. They had no connection with Maharashtra. But Imadshah and Nizamshah were originally Vedshastrasamppan – learned Brahmins. Converted to Islam.[3]Ch1-Sec6, Pg36, Para3 #blood

“Even our names and towns began to take on Farsi, Arabic colour. ‘Baiko’ means wife. Baiko is a word from Turkish language. Means even our wives were no longer Marathi. Sweeter than ambrosia, Dnyaneshwar’s high-caste Marathi language donned the salwar-tuman and got engrossed in obsequiously presenting appeals in he service Hazrat Shahenshah Bandgan Ali Jilhe Subhani Sultan Adilshah” [4]C-1-Sec1, Pg40, Para5 #language #civil


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