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Born in Srinagar, Kashmir and living in exile since 1989. I completed my schooling from Jammu (J&K) and College from Amravati, Maharashtra. Now I am working as a software engineer. My hobbies are reading, listening music, software development and riding my bi-cycle.

Vivek Bhat

September 23, 2014

So many Social sites, Face Book, Google+, Twitter, etc, etc.. How to integrate all these!!! Face Book has become limited to just staying in touch with friends, Twitter for Politics and Google+ is where all the nerds/geeks meet. And I am not even talking about Instagram and other sites et all!

openSuSE 13.1 – Copy Paste memory use

Since I had installed openSUSE 13.1,copy pasting has been a real problem. Whenever doing a copy paste operation, the entire system became useless due to copy-paste process taking all the system memory.

This problem didn’t seem to be any application specific, as this problem was occurring in Dolphin, Konqueror as well as in Krusader . And when I checked “cp” command from the terminal, even that was causing the issue.

After a lot of search, I read somewhere that is the kernel that came with openSUSE 13.1 which has this issue with copy paste. The kernel version was 13.11.

I updated the kernel from openSUSE stable kernel repo to 13.13. And yes, the problem is gone! So it was a problem with kernel 13.11. My system is currently having kernel 13.14,and till now the system is running fine.

Did you face the same problem with kernel 13.11?

P.S: Usually I do not choose to make any updates to my system, as I like a very stable system, but this issue forced me to update what is the basis of any Linux system.

Vivek Bhat

August 27, 2013

MOTD – Message of the day. That’s Unix/Linux message you get once you login to your systems. Stored in /etc/motd

SQLDeveloper Fonts

I like Oracle’s sqldeveloper. It does a nice job and is free. So if someone has to learn Oralce or is working on Oracle DB as a hobbh, investing in Quest’s PlSQL Developer or Toad does not make sense, even if they provide a lot more functionality than Oracle’s SQL Developer.

What I do not like in SQL developer is its look and feel and fonts in it, which look so ugly. You can change the theme of developer to windows in windows which makes a bit better. But, in Linux there’s no choice. You have to work with Oracle theme.

Here is how I made it look a bit better for me.

Modify sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/bin/sqldeveloper.conf to add below line: Instead of “Droid Sans” you can use and test whatever font you like.

Here is a before and after snapshot of my SQLDeveloper.

SQLDeveloper Before changes
Oracle SQLDeveloper before changes
SQLDeveloper After Changes
Oracle SQLDeveloper After changes

And, here is my sqldeveloper.conf after changes:

Install Bugzilla on openSUSE12.2 with Oracle

Here are the full instructions to install Bugzilla from the BugZilla site. The instructions here are just addition to these instructions, recorded when I installed Bugzilla on my openSUSE12.2 machine. We will just go as per the steps mentioned at the Bugzilla Site and then will see what problems we face.
Install perl and all it’s modules
Check if all Perl modules required by bugzilla are present:   You may get a lot more,less or none requirements than the above, If you have some requirements listed, then go to YaST or zypper and search for the perl package and install it. All the packages will not be present in the openSUSE oss,….. To install all required Perl modules, you need to add Perl development repo to the zypper/YaST. Here is the repo link Select your distribution and add that repository, or you can do “Install/Remove Software” –> Configuration –> Repositories –> Add –> Community Repositories and then select “openSUSE BuildService – devel:languages:perl” there. Select and install all modules required for Bugzilla. Then run again and make sure that all the required modules are installed.
Database Engine
I am using Oracle as a Bugzilla DB and got Oracle 11gR2 XE installed on my system. Make sure that the database is up and running. Also make sure that Perl module for database you are using is installed. For oracle it is DBD::Oracle. I couldn’t find it in the repos. So, did what the told me to do. Run , and make sure $ORACLE_HOME and $LD_LIBRARY_PATH are set properly before running this command.
Web Server
I will be using Apache web server, which is there in the openSUSE repositories.
Perl Modules
Already taken care of here.
Mail Agent
I will be using the default mail agent on by openSUSE12.2
Installing Bugzilla
Run ./ If everything goes fine, it will create a file localconfig. Modify the parameters in it, here is my localconfig   After modifying localconfig , run again, if everything goes fine, it will ask you for Bugzilla admin user details. Here is what it will look like   Finish it, and you will have bugzilla running.