Assertive Prime Minister!

Did I hear it right! Assertive Prime Minister? Assertive Dr. Manmohan Singh? Ok.. let us first know what “assertiveness” means. As per the The Free Dictionary being “Assertive” means “Inclined to bold or confident assertion;aggressively self-assured”. So what was our dear Prime Minister “assertive” about. He was “assertive” about the thing that he can not “Shut up” his cabinet. So he is “confident” that he can not handle people who he claims to head.
On the Chinese front he says that “we” need to engage Pakistan because he has failed to counter China on Indian terms (Makes me feel once again that why are we Indians so docile, all the time.. everytime!). So our Prime Minister is “confident” that he can neither handle China nor Pakistan on Indian terms. Crux of the matter… our Prime minister is confident that he is capable of doing nothing. He has failed on Kashmir and he has failed on naxalism. In Delhi the Congress(Indira) Government says that the Naxalism is the biggest threat to national security while the cabinet minister Mamta Banerjee addresses people with PCPA (People’s Committee against Police Atrocities) “managing” the rally and the congress (Indira) “Prince” Rahul Gandhi addressing a rally in Orissa with Maoist supporters standing beside him.
I think Indians should stop getting themselves fooled by the “secular” talk of Congress(Indira), the party, whose leader, after assassination of Indira Gandhi justified the killings of Sikhs and in whose rule 5 Lakh Hindus were forced out of Kashmir. What can you expect from a party whose “assertive” Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh calls in and pleaded to Yasin Malik( a former terrorist and cadre of Jammu & Kashmir Liberation front) to break his fast during the Amarnath Land dispute.

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