Mis-Aligned text in Konsole

I have started using Monaco as my coding font. I also use this font in Konsole, KDE Terminal emulator. I don’t know since when, but iy has been a while that font in Konsole appears mis-aligned. Monaco is a fixed width font, so this problem is somewhat weird. As usual, a google search took me to this post and made these lines at the end of my ~/.fonts.conf, before
And this has really solved my problem for now.

“Un-Coupling” KMix and Amarok Volumes

I don’t know since when, but for a while now I am seeing this behavior in my KDE 4.14 desktop that when I increase or decrease volume using KMix, volume in othet KDE applications also increases or decreasing correspondingly. Basically it means, there are no separate controls for KMix and other KDE applications. Tried to search on web, and came across this KDE bug where it explains this is called “flat volumes”. Some people may like this feature, but not me right now. And, Here is how to disable flat volumes. Simply add:
flat-volumes = no
in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf to disable this system wide or in ~/.config/pulse/daemon.conf to disable for the user.