My Love My Life

I have been always looking for you

My love my life

it’s you it’s you

You are my sole search

You are causing my heat lurch

I have always been here for you

And have kept waiting for you

To touch your silky hair is a dream come true

and to move with you hand in hands is a life come true

I have been always looking for you

My love, my life

It’s you it’s you…

Mumbai for Marathis…

Note: I have intentionally put the word “Congress (I)” again and again everywhere in this blog. I have done this to make a point to the reader that the Congress that exists today is not the “oldest” party of India they know… surprised!! Yes, the Congress you know today is the party which Indira Gandhi created after breaking away from INC (Indian National Congress) in 1967. As Indira Gandhi was in power, the election commissioner at that time towed her line and recognized it as the “real” INC. Just one more instance of how the most “powerful” family of India has manipulated history to suit their needs. You can read the events of breaking of INC here.

With the recent brouhaha again, created by Rahul Gandhi’s remarks on “Mumbai for Marathi’s” I felt compelled to write. I felt compelled to write about the divisive and communal politics of Congress(I), A party which I label the mother of all communal and divisive politics in India. I know many people will not agree with me per se, but wait till you get over the whole article and the then make up your mind.

First of all, what was the need of raising this issue now at this time and that too hundreds of kilometers away from Mumbai… This very thing shows clearly the shrewd divisive politics of Congress (I). Is rahul forgetting that during MNS led tirade against people from UP and Bihar, it was Congress(I) that was in power, both at the Center and the State. Even when the Congress(I) government issued warnings and notices to state governments of Orissa and Karnataka over attacks on Christians, it failed to so in the case of MNS attacks… Can I ask why? Why these double standards? Oh yeah, I have got answer to that… If you will remember, Maharashtra was on the brink of elections and Congress(I) did not had a very good report card to show to the common man. So it did what it is in really good.. Divide and Rule… It promoted Raj Thackrey by not arresting him or any of his sponsored goons… It did not put any check on the MNS men when they were on rampage in the streets of Mumbai hitting on unarmed peasants. What was the Congress(I) government doing when media channels were present at every MNS rampage!!! Why was not any notice given to the Maharashtra government when the notice was served to the Karnataka government on Christian attacks. Now, Congress(I) calls the Gujarat Government “Maut ke Saudagar” for its inability to stop Gujarat riots, would it create a similar tag line for the Maharashtra Government for its inaction on attacks on North Indians… I have not heard that till now.

Now, after winning elections in Maharashtra (Not due to it good governance, but due to divisive governance), it wants to rake on that divisive planks again when the elections in Bihar are on the horizon. Otherwise, what was the need to raise this issue again when there has been not a whisper of this in neither Mumbai nor Maharashtra for a while. Ok.. Rahul, you want to talk about India, let’s talk about it. Does anyone tell me how many “Hindi Speaking” Indians have been killed in Assam… Isn’t Assam a part of India… Why is not Congress(I) talking about that!! Is it afraid of ULFA, or is it because it wants to hold a dialogue with ULFA, like it wants to talk to every anti-Indian group anywhere. It is ready to talk to separatists in Kashmir while they rant “Hum Pakistani hai, Pakistan Humara hai”, It is getting ready to talk to Pakistan on the eve of SAARC summit just after over a year after the deadly Mumbai attacks on 26/11, while anti India terror groups get ready again to slaughter Indians.Check this.

And why will it not.. Why will it not talk to the Pakistanis when its Prime Minister(Dr Man Mohan Singh) calls a known Kashmiri terrorist (Yasin Malik) “personally” to “request” him to break his fast unto death. There are many cases ongoing against Yasin Malik in Indian courts, one of which is killing of four Air Force Men, at the start of terrorism in Kashmir. Where would you get such an example where “Head of a State” calls a rapist, a butcher, a known anti state actor and a man who has slaughtered “nation’s men in uniform”, personally… This is what Congress(I) is all about.

Recently, Manoj Tiwari, the spokes person of Congress(I), while responding to a debate on well known English news channel said the Kashmiri Pandits were not forced out of their homes by Pak sponsored Islamic terrorists, but by the “hype” of “threat perception” created by the then State Governor Jagmohan. In this Mr. Manoj Tiwari, the spokesperson of Congress(I) openly embraced the theory of Muslim separatists in Kashmir, and put the onus of terror in Kashmir squarely on Mr. Jagmohan, the one man who broke the back of Pak terrorists in Kashmir during its initial days. Next day when one senior Kashmiri Pandit called Manoj Tiwari to tell him about his mistake, Manoj Tiwari slammed the phone with a simple “Fuck Off”.Read This. Search for “CARE FOR A HISTORY TUTORIAL, MR TEWARI?”. Yes, respect India bashers and tell persons, who left there home and sacrificed themselves for the sake of India, to Fuck Off. This is Congress(I). And, who created terror in Kashmir… no prizes for guessing… It was Congress(I). For those we do not know, please read the role of Rajiv Gandhi’s government in rigging the 1987 elections in Kashmir in favor of National Conference, which triggered off the separatists movement in Kashmir.

If you want one more example of hypocrisy by Congress(I), look at the dreaded phase of terrorism in Punjab. First Mrs. Indira Gandhi promoted Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale against Akali Dal and then eliminated him in the notorious operation Blue Star, which put Punjab into turmoil for a decade. Bhindranwale had also actively campaigned for Congress(I) in Punjab. If this is not enough proof of Congress(I)’s double standards, no body has forgot the 1984 anti Sikh riots in Delhi. On the anti Sikh riots after Indira Gandhi’s assassination, Rajiv Gandhi had said “When a big tree falls, the earth shakes”. So why has not Congress(I) branded Rajiv Ganghi as “maut ka saudagar” for openly endorsing the killing of Sikhs.

As I am writing this blog, Congress (I) government has offered talks to Pakistan, which have been taken as sign of weakness at “Kashmir Solidarity Day” in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK).Read this. And this, after India has been mightily outplayed by Pakistan at the international forum.Read This. Now go back, be proud of being an Indian and have a nice sleep… thinking that you have a “secular” government at the center and India has become such a “Might Player” in the international arena.

I bought a Bike – Ultimately…

So, how many of you have some of childhood wishes still lurking in some corner of your hearts. There is always something deep in our hearts we want to do… just to satisfy our hearts… our souls… just ourselves. Just step out of the dog eats dog rule, step out of cut throat competition and do what we just want to do.

I had just the kind of wish, since childhood… ride a high end geared bike… hold on, not a bike as in “Motor Bike” (Harley Davidson, Enfeild, etc, etc..) but a “bi-cycle”. Yes friends, a bi-cycle. After three years of working, I had just forgotten that I too had some childhood wishes which had remain unfulfilled. I remembered, while walking on the Shalimar Road in Jammu with my friend Winner, we had decided that the first thing we are going to do with our first salary is to buy a bi-cycle. But things are different when you start working. Priorities change and we juts forget who we are. Anyways, the wish just came to my mind again on one fine day while I was working on one of the codes in my office. So I just said why not!!

There opens my Firefox browser and I searched for bikes on the India’s most famous bi-cycle manufacturers viz Hero and Atlas. There I really liked the Octane class of bikes from Hero Cycles, specifically the OCTANE RECRA 26T. I made up my mind to get the bike while going to home from my office in the evening. So I left office at around 5 pm and reached SAIBABA sports on DP Road Pune, the official distributors of Hero Cycles in Pune. But then, there I saw bi-cycles of other brands also.. Firefox and Trek. Ultimately I choose Firefox Cyclone for myself. The Bi-cycle in all cost me Rs.10,000/-. The dealer said that the bike will be delivered within an hour or two to my home in Baliwadi Phata… So I left… Happy, for I had just acheived one of my childhood wishes :). I got the bike at around 10 pm that night… Now whenever I go somewhere I do get the kind of looks that is deserved for Harley Davidson riders. The people get curious and start asking questions about the bike. And, I am loving every part of it.. the looks, the ride and the satisfaction of fulfilling on of my wishes.

The specification of the bike are:

  • 19″ Alloy Frame, TIG welded
  • Suspension fork
  • Shimano 18 speed gears
  • V-type brakes, alloy rims
  • Colour: Blue / Silver

Here are some snaps I took of my bike 🙂 {vsig}vrysmple/bike{/vsig}

OpenOffice and Google Docs

How many of you have really wanted to access your documents from anywhere anytime without carrying pen drives and hard disk drives with you every where. Yes, you have google docs for that. But then some people do not want to be connected to the Internet all the time, and not everyone is comfortable editing their documents on line. So what do we do. That is where OpenOffice Google Docs plug in comes in handy. Download the OpenOffice Google Docs plugin from here. Install it using the OpenOffice extension manager.

ext mgr

After installing restart OpenOffice. The OpenOffice quick starter may also be running, so quit from it and restart the whole OpenOffice application. You may have to install and restart the application more than one time, as it took me 4-5 re-installations and 4-5 restarts to ultimately get the Google Docs plugin toolbar :), which looks like the toolbar in the second image:

Ooo GD Toolbar

Click on the first or second icon which are “Export to Google Docs” and “Import from Google Docs” actions. This will open a window for entering your google account credentials. Fill in your login details and then click on the Get List button. Here is the image:

gd credentials

You are done. Next time you have OpenOffice document, upload it to google docs and it is ready to be edited form anywhere. Or just download your google document to OpenOffice and start editing. The OpenOffice plugin also supports Zoho and WebDAV

Configuring custom network driver in openSUSE 11.1

I am here

OK.. we know than we do not to worry about any hardware drivers in Linux as Linux Kernel takes care of all that. But what if we want to install a different driver. What if Kernel does not install the right driver. Recently I had to face this problem. The network card installed on my system is RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (ReaLtek Product) and the default driver Kernel installed was r8169 while the correct driver is r8168.

So here we go about the thing now…

(The below changes have been done in openSUSE11.1, Kernel 2.6.27)

Now, first how to know what network driver you have and what is the correct driver? I can provide you with this script which can help you:; Run this script and the output will be something like this (You will have to run this script as “super user” and answer few questions): V0.6.1.15 (Rev: 1.165, Build: 2009/09/02 18:39:22)
--- Which type of your network connection should be tested?
--- (1) Wired connection
--- What's the type of networktopology?
--- (1) DSL modem <---> LinuxClient
--- On which host is the script executed?
--- (1) LinuxClient
!!! CND0120E: Network card eth0 has no IP address
!!! CND0300E: No dhcp server found on interface eth0
!!! CND0230W: IPV6 enabled
!!! CND0310W: Classic network configuration with ifup was detected. Configuration with knetworkmanager is much easier
--- Go to to get more detailed instructions about the error/warning messages and how to fix the problems
--- If you still don't have success then post the contents of file collectNWData.txt in the net (see for links) and then the nopaste link on your favorite Linux forum.
34: PCI 900.0: 0200 Ethernet controller
Model: "Realtek RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller"
Vendor: pci 0x10ec "Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd."
Device: pci 0x8168 "RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller"
SubVendor: pci 0x103c "Hewlett-Packard Company"
SubDevice: pci 0x3061 
Driver: "r8169"
Driver Modules: "r8169"
Device File: eth0
Link detected: no
Driver Status: r8169 is active
Driver Activation Cmd: "modprobe r8169"
This is just a filtered output of the above script. Here we can see that the module installed is r8169 which should be r8168.

So first download the driver from your vendor site.

Now that we know what we have and what we need we will proceed further (We will have to proceed all the steps from konsole or similar tool) :

First stop the network and remove the wrong module:

 #000000; padding: 0.15cm; margin-left: 0.5cm; margin-right: 0.5cm; font-weight: normal; text-align: left;"> #stop the network
$ rcnetwork stop

#remove r8169 driver
$ rmmod r8169

Go to the directory where you have downloaded the driver. I had downloaded it my home directory and the downloaded file was an archive file so here are the steps:

 #000000; padding: 0.15cm; margin-left: 0.5cm; margin-right: 0.5cm; text-align: left;">$  cd
$ tar xjf r8168-8.014.00.tar.bz2
$ cd 8168-8.014.00

After that I compiled the code. (This may fail if kernel headers and other standard features of a build environment are not installed)


 #000000; padding: 0.15cm; margin-left: 0.5cm; margin-right: 0.5cm; text-align: left;">$ make clean
$ make modules
$ make install

Add the old driver to blacklist and rename the old driver module to make sure modprobe knows not to use r8169, and that depmod doesn’t find the r8169 module:..


 #000000; padding: 0.15cm; margin-left: 0.5cm; margin-right: 0.5cm; text-align: left;">$ echo "blacklist r8169n" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
$ mv /lib/modules/uname -r/kernel/drivers/net/r8169.ko /lib/modules/uname -r

Make suse aware of the changes:


 #000000; padding: 0.15cm; margin-left: 0.5cm; margin-right: 0.5cm; text-align: left;">$ depmod
$ insmod src/r8168.ko
$ ifconfig -a

Notice the output of “ifconfig -a” and saw how NIC was called (probably eth0 or eth1). Mine was eth0 Then I edited the networks file to add my NIC configuration. Added the below lines of code to my /etc/networks


 #000000; padding: 0.15cm; margin-left: 0.5cm; margin-right: 0.5cm; text-align: left;"> # The Ethernet card
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

Notice the output of “ifconfig -a” and saw how NIC was called (probably eth0 or eth1). Mine was eth0 Then I edited the networks file to add my NIC configuration. Added the below lines of code to my /etc/networks


 #000000; padding: 0.15cm; margin-left: 0.5cm; margin-right: 0.5cm; text-align: left;"> # The Ethernet card
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

Then restarted the card:


 #000000; padding: 0.15cm; margin-left: 0.5cm; margin-right: 0.5cm; text-align: left;">$ ifdown eth0
$ ifup eth0
$ rcnetwork start
This should start you networking 🙂
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