OpenOffice and Google Docs

How many of you have really wanted to access your documents from anywhere anytime without carrying pen drives and hard disk drives with you every where. Yes, you have google docs for that. But then some people do not want to be connected to the Internet all the time, and not everyone is comfortable editing their documents on line. So what do we do. That is where OpenOffice Google Docs plug in comes in handy. Download the OpenOffice Google Docs plugin from here. Install it using the OpenOffice extension manager.

ext mgr

After installing restart OpenOffice. The OpenOffice quick starter may also be running, so quit from it and restart the whole OpenOffice application. You may have to install and restart the application more than one time, as it took me 4-5 re-installations and 4-5 restarts to ultimately get the Google Docs plugin toolbar :), which looks like the toolbar in the second image:

Ooo GD Toolbar

Click on the first or second icon which are “Export to Google Docs” and “Import from Google Docs” actions. This will open a window for entering your google account credentials. Fill in your login details and then click on the Get List button. Here is the image:

gd credentials

You are done. Next time you have OpenOffice document, upload it to google docs and it is ready to be edited form anywhere. Or just download your google document to OpenOffice and start editing. The OpenOffice plugin also supports Zoho and WebDAV

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