The Kashmir Files – Must watch movie for every Indian

So I Watched #TheKashmirFiles the last weekend. I have been anxiously following the development of Kashmir files since the teaser release. Although Vivek Agnihotri had proven with “The Tashkent Files”[1] that he is not a typical Bollywood character, I was still skeptical.
Why was I being skeptical? Mission Kashmir, Haider, Shikara (Which took the cake in backstabbing Kashmiri Hindus). The betrayal to the cause of Kashmir and Indian civilization is not something new from Bollywood, it has been there right there since the beginning. But that is a story for another time.
It was 1989 when we were forced to leave our homes and today finally someone could put the raw truth openly without any blinkers to save some fake ‘Kashmiriyat’ or secularism. We can’t be enough grateful to Vivek Agnihotri.
This movie is not made up of any fake stories, each and every incident shown in the movie has happened and happened in much more gruesome manner than portrayed in the movie. The truth is so brutal that no one can believe it happened in India of ours, yes digest this truth which happened in free and secular India just three decades back. Indians were terrified of what was being done to #Yazidi, not knowing that before ISIS brutality hit our collective conscience, Islamic fanatics in Kashmir had already created a benchmark of gore, blood and inhumanity. It was a time when rule of law, Indian executive, police and army went missing from Kashmir.
In one of the scenes, Mithun Chakraborty’s character calls out terrorists getting welcomed to highest office’s of India. The character of terrorist Bitta in the movie is inspired (along with many others) by Yasin Malik, who killed Indian air force pilots and justified it many times.

And Bitta Karate who acknowledged killing Kashmiri Hindus(among Satish Tickoo).

Until recently, till Modi Govt came to power in 2014, Bitta Karate was out without any fear of law and punishment, his wife being J&K employee and director of Welfare Department. Yasin Malik was indeed called ‘Gandhi of modern India’ by Indian media channels like NDTV, received youth icon award from India Today, with glorious tributes from no less than Anand Mahindra.

And what was the highest office that welcomed Yasin Malik? Here is the answer.
MMS facilitating Yasin Malik
MMS used to personally call Yasin Malik to break his so called fasts. Both Yasin and Bitta, along with scores of Hurriyat and other over ground workers were sent to jail by Narendra Modi Govt after coming to power in 2014.
Moving onto incidents that we see through the eyes of Pushkar Nath. The director has done a brilliant work of bringing together incidents that happened at different places, with different people over a span of few years. Starting with the incident of terrorists killing a man (B K Gangoo) hidden in rice(tomul) drum and force feeding his wife blood soaked rice, and telling the woman that someone should be left to cry when asked to be killed[2] … Continue reading.
Killing of poet (Sarwanand Koul Premi) and his son by drilling nails through their head and hands, nails which they got from the brother of Sarwanand Koul[3],_Report,.jpg.
The brutality didn’t stop there. When the bodies were found after two days, both father and son’s bodies bore burn marks of cigarette butts all over the body with their eyes were gouged out. Nadimarg Massacre(One of the many massacres), where even babies were not spared[4]
And finally Girija Tickoo, who was lured into collecting her salary by Muslim friends, gang raped and cut alive on the saw[5] … Continue reading.
These are just few of the many many many heart rending tales and much toned down versions of the actual incidents, one movie and 3 hours cannot do justice to our story. Hopefully this is just a beginning of stories that are being told of Kashmiri Hindus.
There can never be a closure, there can never be a ‘forgive and move on’. We will fight till we do not get our home, our Maej Kashir back.
Please go and watch The Kashmir Files.



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